Manual Lipo

Liposuction at Skincity is done with the tumescent technique

Tumescent liposuction was invented and developed in 1985. It was first presented at a scientific meeting in 1986, and first published in 1987 (JA Klein. The tumescent technique for liposuction surgery. Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, volume 4, pages 263-267,1987).

The word "tumescent" means swollen and firm. By injecting a large volume of very dilute lidocaine (local anesthetic) and epinephrine (capillary constrictor) into subcutaneous fat, the targeted tissue becomes swollen and firm, or tumescent. The tumescent liposuction technique is a method that provides local anesthesia to large volumes of subcutaneous fat and thus permits liposuction totally by local anesthesia. The tumescent liposuction technique eliminates both the need for general anesthesia and need for IV narcotics and sedatives.

The benefits of Tumescent techniques are:

  • It eliminates the risks associated with general anesthesia
  • Additional hemostatic advantage-less than 2 % blood loss ( as compared to upto 40% under GA)
  • Effects localized to exact area of interest
  • Minimizes risks of internal injuries and skin burns
  • Prolonged anesthesia of several hours- reservoir effect
  • Eliminates hospital overnight stay (daytime procedure)
  • As the patient is awake it facilitates ORTHOSTATIC LIPOSUCTION-   which permits

extraction of fat in standing position to re orient the displaced fat and have a 3 - dimensional view.

In Manual Liposuction or also known as Traditional liposuction, the surgeon makes an incision in the area under question, and then using his own physical effort to push and thrust a thin tube, called a cannula, through tissues to extract excess fat. A vacuum then sucks up the fat.

Variety of cannulas with variable dimensions to suit each preferred site are used to assist removal of adipose tissue under vaccum / negative pressure.


  • Small addits for the entry of cannula- no requirement of sutures
  • Multidirectional and difficult areas can be targeted
  • Ensures proper feathering of edges