Doctor Speak

Lot of articles offer queries addressed whether Liposuction really works, and if its safe. But what these really fail to address is that a variety of these techniques or technology are available which are safe and effective and how are they different from the traditional methods
- Dr Raina Nahar

Today with a Range of SAFE techniques, it has become Quite easy to achieve that desired body shape or Personality enhancement. But what is important is that One must take time to select the right doctor, and the right course of action plan, asking the right questions and knowing what you are opting for, followed with good results
- Dr Neha Sharma

We are seeing more and more Individuals opting for alternate methods to enhance their Body Image. And Why not? If its desirable and achievable then why Not? We are seeing more and more Individuals opting for services like Liposuction or Hair Transplantation to increase their confidence levels. We at Skincity just aspire to offer them the same, under safe and comfortable methods.
- Shrinivas Yadav

The Orthostatic technique is very common abroad for Safe lipo. Combining this with Local anesthesia eliminates risks and a lot of complications attached to general anesthesia. We at Skincity are proud to practice Safe and efficient techniques for better results, and advice our Patients only to keep a practical target as per safety norms.
- Dr Umesh Bilawer